Drill Press Attachments

Buying a drill press attachment is a great way to expand your drilling capabilities. Whether drilling through thick metal or wood, drill press accessories are available to fit your needs. Here are some examples. For those looking for more versatility in drilling, consider T-Tracks. Attached to the base of the drill press table, T-Tracks provide extra hold-downs that can speed up a drilling task and prevent movement during drilling. There are six or eight slots in some T-Tracks.

drill press attachments

A 1/4-inch-mounted buffing attachment can turn your drill press into a polishing machine. Buffing can remove sharp edges and erode scratches from metal or plastic, and can be used for heavy-duty cleaning. The drill press’s speed ratio to the tool will be approximately four-to-1. To make the best use of the drill press attachment, it is important to know how to operate it safely and efficiently. Listed below are some tips on how to operate a drill press attachment.
When using your drill press, always wear safety glasses. Some drill presses have special bit attachments that allow you to drill certain pieces of metal or wood without risking injury. One popular tool is the cutting fluid applicator. This tool is magnetic and features a magnetic base. Make sure to use a drill press attachment with care. If you don’t own a drill press, you can always buy a replacement for the bit if it breaks.
A drill press attachment includes a housing and an output shank. The input and output shanks are axially aligned and connected by speed change gearing. The input and output shanks each contain a thrust-receiving bearing. A transmission gear meshes with the gears on the shanks and mounts in the housing bearing. These parts are connected by a cable that extends from the housing to the output shank.
If a built-in scale on your drill press is inaccurate or not accurate, you can use the coat hanger method. A coat hanger with a rigid wire will fit in the drill press. Simply cut the wire to the shape shown below and insert it into the chuck of your drill press. After screwing the coat hanger into place, rotate the drill press chuck 180 degrees to read the measurements. Then, you can start drilling!
Drill presses come in many styles and are indispensable in many types of workshops. These tools are accurate, dependable, and versatile. They can serve many purposes and can be used as a sander, buffer, grinder, and cleaner. Using drill press attachments allows you to customize your tool to suit your specific needs. You can easily change its purpose and purchase more than one drill press accessory to maximize its usefulness. If you are a professional carpenter, invest in the proper tools and accessories to make your job easier.
A vise is a great accessory for a drill press. You can attach your drill press to a table or vice and hold a large workpiece in place with its slots. It also has a quick-release function to let you change the tools. The vise squeezes the material as you drill, which keeps the workpiece from bucking or twisting. In addition to vises, there are soft jaw pads to help you secure your workpieces.
Another great drill press accessory is a drill mate. Suitable for drilling straight and angled holes on round or edged boards, the Drill mate is easy to use and weighs just 1.42 kilograms. Its adjustable stand is convenient and allows you to drill at a 45-degree angle on the board. You can also adjust its depth with this drill press attachment. This drill press accessory is also available for a wide variety of other types of drilling machines.
Drill Bit Organizer: This accessory holds a 40-piece drill bit set. The bit holder features a hole for the 1/4-inch hex shank. It also clamps to the columns of a drill press. This drill press accessory is especially helpful for serious users as it sharpens multiple types of drill bits, including cobalt and TiN-coated ones. Moreover, you can even sharpen custom point angles on a drill press with a custom-designed attachment.
Flap Sander: Another drill press accessory is the flap sander. This attachment is useful for smoothing a wide range of surfaces, such as wood moldings or panels. It is versatile and comes with two sets of sanding sleeves – one set for 120 grit and the other for 80 grit. This drill press accessory is compatible with all drill chucks. It is the best way to make a smooth surface on any type of rigid material.

Cheryl Payton